Head, Drug and Medical Product Regulation Section for the Emirates of Abu-Dhabi

Functional Role:

  • Direct and oversee employees in the requirements of all health care facility licensing;
  • Serve as lead spokesperson for all Client's drug regulatory functions;
  • Ensure that all regulation are comprehensive, fair, and applicable and are in compliance with UAE and International laws and treaties;
  • Set a zero tolerance policy for any type of conflict of interests;
  • Ensure that each unit operate according to standard operating procedures and that these procedures are updated as required;
  • Plan strategies for minimizing medication error (ME) and Adverse Reaction (AR) incidence in healthcare sector by implementing, encouraging and monitoring AR and ME reporting;
  • Initiate remedial measures and enforce regulations as and when appropriate;
  • Ensure processing of all Adverse Events / Medication Error reports according to internal timeframe and Client requirements;
  • Support and guide the implementation of Rational Drug Use and promotion of medication safety best practices across all private and public healthcare facilities;
  • Support and maintain medication formulary based on evidence – based, cost effectiveness evaluations and medications;
  • Promote continuing education services for the pharmacists in private and public sectors;
  • Provide input and guidance to the CEO and Directors of Organization's divisions about the development of new products, programs, and services which can improve the quality of care in Abu Dhabi;
  • Establish excellent communication and collaboration with Ministry of Health and all other Health Authorities in UAE.
  • Collaborate, and lead initiatives and programs at national level;
  • Ensure drug regulations are implemented and are in compliance with Federal laws of UAE and international laws signed by UAE;
  • Ensure that enforcement of drug regulations covers all sectors and all region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Establish partnerships and collaboration with international partners and organize events to educate the public and the health professionals on different issues related to drugs and medical products.

Managerial Role:

  • Manage and coordinate Drugs & Medical Products Regulation functions, resources and strategies and ensure that these functions are executed efficiently, accurately and in a timely manner;
  • Monitor and review the strategic performance of the Drugs & Medical Products Regulation
  • Initiate pro-active analysis and advice on key strategic areas relative to the Drugs & Medical
  • Products Regulation
  • Develop performance improvement initiatives, recommend changes where seen necessary and ensure that corrective action plans and strategic initiatives are identified and implemented accordingly;
  • Develop and prioritize Drugs & Medical Products Regulation plans that are capable of meeting the needs of Client in the future;
  • Report on the overall performance of the Drugs & Medical Products Regulation to the Director of Health Regulation.
  • Review and evaluate the work of staff under supervision, ensure that programs are of appropriate quality and that resources are used effectively and comply with Client policies and procedures.

Organizational Role:

  • Ensure availability of required resources to carry out all the tasks related to the Drugs * medical Products Regulation functions and ensure effective utilization of staff;
  • Perform periodic performance appraisals of the team within the Drugs & Medical Products Regulation
  • Ensure that all staff acquire the required skills and knowledge through appropriate training programs;
  • Develop, review and update policies and procedures for various functions within the Drugs & Medical Products Regulation and ensure adherence.