Abu Dhabi Cracks Down On Fake Impotence Drugs

The Ministry of Justice and the Government in Abu Dhabi is becoming increasingly concerned about the huge illegal trade in fake erectile dysfunction medication that is booming in the country. They have noted that even legal pharmacies in the country have been duped into selling the fake drugs unwittingly. In response to this problem the Ministry of Justice is busy finalising new rules which will see much stiffer penalties for those criminal caught in the process of making or trading in these counterfeit versions of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Dr Mohammed Abuelkhair who heads the Drug Control Department of the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi claims that pharmacies are often tempted to buy these illegal products because they are so much cheaper and therefore the mark ups and profits are much larger, however it is hoped that these new laws which could mean complete closure of the pharmacy and withdrawal of pharmaceutical licences will deter them.

The problem of fake erectile dysfunction medication passing through the United Arab Emirates is also something that the authorities are dealing with. They have had a number of successes over the previous year and it is now apparent that a lot of criminal manufacturers of fake Viagra, Cialis and Levitra use the United Arab Emirates ports to pass these counterfeit medications through before they go on to Europe and America.

Dr Abuelkhair commented that most of the fake erectile dysfunction medications that ended up in the United Arab Emirates were traced back to illegal setups in "dirty warehouses" which were using sophisticated printing equipment to make the packaging of the substandard medications look more authentic. At Ukmedix News we have seen hundreds of scams involving fake erectile dysfunction medication much of which is sold on the internet. It is estimated that almost 75% of the Viagra sold online is counterfeit.

If you do buy erectile dysfunction medication in the United Kingdom on the internet you must use a legal website which provides a prescription and the also the pharmacy address from where your drug is coming from. If you do not have these assurances you are almost certainly buying a substandard impotence medication which could damage your health seriously.

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